The 8 Best Substitutes For Amaro Montenegro

What can I use instead of Amaro Montenegro? We found the best substitutes for Amaro Montenegro to be Antico Amaro Noveis, Antica Ricetta Amaro Tossilini Liquore d’Erbe, Nardini Mezzo E Mezzo Liqoure Aperitivo, Venture Spirits Amaro Angeleno, Greenbar Grand Poppy Amaro,

Becherovka Lemond, Unicum Next, Peychaud’s Aperitivo.

Finding a substitute for Amaro Montenegro can be confusing, what with so many choices to choose from. Of course, the dark digestive with a complex citrus-led bittersweetness is a popular choice for many. But if you want to venture out and try something new, we list a variety of exciting substitutes for you.

The Best Amaro Montenegro Substitutes

Antico Amaro Noveis

Antico Amaro Noveis is an excellent substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

A digestive made by Distilleria Francoli, from a collection of botanicals collected on the slopes of Mount Noveis north-east of Piedmont, Italy, distilled to a 24% ABV (48° proof).

Additional botanicals of rhubarb, sweet and bitter oranges, licorice, and anise married in oak casks for a short period.

The flavors offer a herbal bitterness, with sweet notes of caramel, butterscotch, licorice, and light honey. The pine, eucalyptus, and spice counter the syrupy sweetness.

It pairs well with a hearty meal and aids in settling the stomach as an after-dinner digestive.

Antica Ricetta Amaro Tossilini Liquore d’Erbe

Another excellent Italian substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

Distillerie Bepi Tosolini creates a grape-distilled amaro infused with 15 steamed botanicals from Alpine and Mediterranean herbs. Also, a blend of gentian, hand-peeled fresh bitter oranges, santonica, and a selection of marine wormwood found only on the lagoon of the Adriatic Sea.

Matured in ashwood barrels and diluted with alpine spring water from Bepi Tosolini’s well creates a full-bodied liqueur at 30% ABV (60° proof).

Gentian bitterness opens for a bittersweet note of tart, zesty citrus of bitter orange. It is balanced by honeyed sweetness and stewed fruits with a sweet, spicy finish.

Perfect for a refreshing, colorful Spritz Med.

Nardini Mezzo E Mezzo Liqoure Aperitivo

Mezzo E Mezzo is a delightful pre-mix to substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

The flavors of Chinese rhubarb and orange sweet vermouth were mixed for a cocktail.

They became an instant hit, giving the Nardini Distillery team the perfect opportunity to combine an amaro and sweet vermouth, launching the Nardini Mezzo E Mezzo aperitif in 2017.

The Italian-made liqueur is an infusion of Chinese rhubarb amaro with orange peel, gentian root, cinchona calissaia, and vanilla from the vermouth, creating a full sensory drink with full-color intensity with a smooth medium bitterness.

The bitterness and cleansing spices are well-rounded with the sweetness of caramel and licorice and balanced off with the tart fruitiness of orange.

At the same time, vegetal notes and a hint of smokiness linger in the balance.

Enjoyed with a dash of soda water and half a slice of orange to cleanse the palate and settle the stomach.

Venture Spirits Amaro Angeleno

Amaro Angeleno is a proper Californian substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

Venture Spirits began in 2011 with the venturing spirit of creating spirits using California’s natural and agricultural bounty of resources.

They made a Southern California-styled bitter that stands tall to its Italian ancestors with a 23% ABV (46° proof).

Wine-based, made from Paso Robles wines and fortified with local brandy.

The spirit is macerated with botanicals or Valencia orange, lemon, and lemon verbena. Florals include Rose, jasmine, and chamomile, with spices of anise, sassafras, rue, gentian, and quassia bark.

The distillation creates a bright citrusy amaro with delightful notes of florals and bitterness from the gentian.

Perfect for a collection of cocktails such as a white Negroni or traditional spritz.

It’s also easy to mix with Mezcal for a margarita and plays well with bourbon or whisky for an old-fashioned.

Greenbar Grand Poppy Amaro

Another perfect substitute for Amaro Montenegro from the Golden State.

Greenbar distillery is LA-based, capturing California’s unique terroir and inspired by the States flower, fruits, and herbs to create a new world amaro.

A molasses-based spirit is infused with various ingredients to create a floral explosion with strong citrus notes.

Among the elements, California poppy, grapefruit, orange, lemon, herbs, and spices make an impressive versatile low alcohol amaro at 20% ABV (40° proof) that boosts being totally organic.

The flavors bust with florals while intensive notes or tart citrus are balanced with gentian bitterness and a lingering hint of spice.

It’s perfect for a bittersweet cocktail but pairs oh-so heavenly with ice cream and fresh fruit.

Becherovka Lemond

An Eastern European digestive that is on the rise that can be substituted for Amaro Montenegro

Using the base of the 210-year-old recipe of Becherovka Liqueur, its twenty-plus ingredients are a closely guarded secret.

Becherovka Lemond is a citrusy digestive with a 20% ABV (40° proof), made by the Jan Becher Company and owned by Pernod Ricard.

It has been produced since 2008 in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and is their youngest product.

Becherovka Lemond adds a robust citrusy flavor to the original cinnamon and ginger flavors, with hints of anise.

Its cult-like following chose to enjoy this chilled liqueur served neat as a digestive to settle the stomach after a hearty meal.

Zwack (Unicum Next)

Zwack is another up-and-coming that’s an ideal substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

Unicum Next, or Zwack, better known for export purposes, was produced in 2003, creating a lighter, thinner-bodied, sweeter version of the original Zwack Unicum, made to appeal to a younger generation, with more citrus kick at a slightly lower ABV of 30% (60° proof).

A six-generation-owned family business in Budapest has managed to create a drink deemed Hungary’s national drink.

A closely guarded secret of 40 botanicals from all four corners of the world is distilled and macerated in traditional wooden vats before being aged in oak casks.

Light bittersweet notes, laces of syrupy honey, and hints of rooty botanicals complimented with a burst of citrus, fresh minty, and chamomile, all bound with the seductive flavor of vanilla.

Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive, it’s becoming popular in cocktails for a more potent kick of amaro-like liqueur substitute.

Peychaud’s Aperitivo

A world-famous aperitif, Peychaud is an excellent substitute for Amaro Montenegro.

Peychaud’s aperitivo was created by Antione Amedie in the French quarters of New Orleans in the 1800s.

Later as he became the lead bartender in Sazerac Coffeeshop, he would serve his patrons with some of his crafted aperitifs.

2016 saw the launch of Peychaud’s aperitivo, one of Sazerac’s House brands.

It’s light with bittersweet notes loaded with zesty, citrusy, bitty orange, and grapefruit sherbet with a complexity of rooty herbal contrast and a slight hint of clove spice.

Enjoyed in a sizeable classy wine glass with ice and topped with Prosecco to create a refreshing Spritz.