The 9 Best Substitutes For Aperol

What can I use instead of Aperol in an Aperol Spritz? The closest taste to Aperol is Campari. Other options include Lillet Blanc, Cappelletti Aperitivo, Cynar Spritz, St Agrestis Paradiso Inferno Bitter, Select Aperitivo, Contratto Aperitif, and Limoncello. For a non-alcoholic cocktail alternative to Aperol, try Sanbitter.

Aperol was created by two Italian brothers in 1919. The low-alcohol orange apéritif has a light, slightly bitter taste. Over a hundred years later, Aperol Spritz has become a trendy cocktail in many places. The spritz is created using a 3:2:1 ratio of Prosecco, Aperol, and Soda water.

To make a true Aperol spritz, you would need Aperol, but plenty of spirits can be substituted to create similar drinks.

The Best Aperol Substitutes In An Aperol Spritz


Campari is the closest substitute for Aperol in a spritz. Although the color is darker, and the taste is more bitter, it is the closest alternative to Aperol you can get.

Campari also originates in Italy, but it has a distinctly bitter taste compared to Aperol. Campari’s distinct bright red color differs from Aperol’s orange hue; however, the two aperitifs are frequently used interchangeably.

Cocktail drinkers take note – Campari contains more than double the alcohol content of Aperol, so if you are making a switch, it is something to keep in mind. Campari contains 24% alcohol, while Aperol has 11%.

You can create the Aperol spritz effect with Campari using the same ratio of ingredients.

Select Aperitivo

Aperitivo has a similar color to Campari. In some regions of Italy, Aperitivo Select is the preferred ingredient in the classic Aperol Spritz.

The bright red color is slightly different from Aperol, and the taste has been described as more complex. However, it is a popular ingredient in spritzes and an excellent substitute for your Aperol Spritz cocktail.

Mix your spritz using the exact ratios of Prosecco, Select Aperitivo, and Soda water required by the Aperol Spritz recipe.

Lillet Blanc

Lillet is a versatile, delicious French aperitif that can be used as a substitution for Aperol to create a spritz.

The Lillet Blanc is much sweeter than Aperol and is a good substitution for anyone who wants to enjoy a trendy cocktail but doesn’t enjoy the bitter edge of the drink.

The pale color may detract from the vivid shade you expect from Aperol in a spritz, but it is a delicious alternative if you don’t have Aperol and are craving a delicious, tangy Spritz.  

Lillet Blanc offers a light, fruitier taste profile and can be enjoyed in the same ratio as the Aperol Spritz in the cocktail or over a bed of ice.

Cappelletti Aperitivo

For a spritz that is similar to Aperol but with more flavor, you can substitute Cappelletti Aperitivo.

However, take note that while the alcohol content isn’t quite as high as Campari, it definitely packs a heavier punch than Aperol.

Cappelletti works well as a substitute for Aperol since it has all the hallmarks of a bitter Italian Aperitif.

The delicate hints of citrus, herbs, and pine with the distinctive crimson color make this an excellent substitute for Aperol in spritzes.

Mix Cappelletti Aperitivo as a spritz in the same amount as you would use Aperol.

Cynar Spritz

Unlike many other substitutions for Aperol, Cynar is a bittersweet liqueur that carries hints of cinnamon and caramel.

However, it has a distinct bittersweet finish that makes it a good stand-in if you are craving a bitter sundowner cocktail and don’t have Aperol available.

The Cynar Spritz is also sometimes called a Calindri Spritz. Mix the liqueur in the same ratio as the other spritz ingredients to enjoy a tasty drink with a bitter edge.

St Agrestis Paradiso Inferno Bitter

St Agrestis is made in Brooklyn and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Aperol in spritzes.

Although the color is not as vibrant as Aperol, the honey color Bitter isn’t quite as tart, which makes it a comforting cocktail.

There is also a St. Agrestis Paradiso aperitif variant, which is especially popular during autumn as it carries hints of citrus and baked apples.

The honey color aperitif can also be used as a substitute for Aperol in a spritz, but we prefer the edgier, bitter taste of the Inferno Bitter. 

Swap out Aperol for St Agrestis Paradiso Inferno Bitter at an equal ratio, and don’t forget to add a slice of orange to complete the effect.

Contratto Aperitif

Contratto Aperitif has been described as the middle ground between an Aperol Spritz and a Campari Spritz.

It has a rich, vibrant color that gives the cocktail the same upmarket looks. The taste is not as sweet as Aperol but not as bitter as Campari.

Unfortunately, Contratto is not as widely stocked as Aperol or Campari, but give it a try next time you’re ordering at an Italian restaurant.

It has all the appeal of a true Aperol Spritz, along with some pleasant hints of citrus and subtle spices.

Contratto has a slightly higher alcohol content of 13.5%, which is marginally more than Aperol, but it is still considered a light spirit drink.

If you have a bottle of Contratto, you can use it at the same ratio as Aperol when creating spritzes.


Aperol spritz is a trendy cocktail known for its bitter edge. Limoncello can add the tart note you are craving in a spritz without too much bitterness.

The effect is a refreshing spritz that is perfect for sipping while watching the sun go down after hot summer days.

Limoncello is readily available from various brands and can be mixed at the same ratio as Aperol, and the other required ingredients, to create a refreshing summer spritz.

Garnish your zingy Limoncello Spritz with fresh basil or mint leaves.

San Pellegrino Sanbitter

San Pellegrino has a SanBitter which is a popular non-alcoholic stand-in for Aperol.

It is a red color, so it still looks trendy as a cocktail and has a similar pleasant, bitter, aromatic taste. It has some sweet high notes, but the distinctive bitterness has not been lost and will provide

For a no-alcohol take on an Aperol spritz, try a dash of Sanbitter, which can be consumed neat on the rocks or topped up with lemonade or fizzy water.

To make a trendy-looking spritz using Sanbitter instead of Aperol, combine the following:

Add 2 ounces of Sanbitter over ice. Add 3 ounces dry ginger ale and ¾ ounces grapefruit juice. This can be a delightful twist on an Aperol Spritz.