The Best Side Dishes for Asparagus Soup

What are the best side dishes with asparagus soup? Delectable accompaniments can be as diverse as dishes featuring cheeses, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, rice, or seafood. The goal when choosing a side is to complement the unique flavor of the asparagus and the creamy rich texture of the soup. The art comes in presenting contrast without … Read more

The 10 Best Fried Rice Side Dishes

What are the best sides with fried rice? Fried rice is a Chinese staple that has a mix of savory, salty, smokey, and fluffy with other different consistencies from different vegetables. To combat these flavors, the perfect sides are fresh produce with a twist like Asian slaw, grilled pineapple rings or sauteed broccoli. Finger foods, … Read more

The 9 Best Oyster Side Dishes

What side dishes pair best with oysters? Simple, fresh pairings like edamame, Caesar salad, coleslaw, asparagus, and corn on the cob best compliment oysters without overpowering its authentic flavors. However, hearty side dishes such as fries, linguine, hushpuppies, or mashed potatoes make a quick, satisfying meal.  Fresh oysters on the half shell are a unique and … Read more

The Best Salmon Wellington Side Dishes 

What to serve with Salmon Wellington? Consider the uniquely sweet umami taste of salmon with spinach and Parmesan cheese all baked in a thick, buttery, flaky crust. Some of the best side dishes include roasted or sautéed vegetables, lemon garlic broccoli, chick pea tabbouleh, smashed or scalloped potatoes and different salads. Also called by its … Read more

The Best Side Dishes for Halibut

What are the best side dishes with halibut? This big fish — the largest flatfish in the ocean, growing as long as nine feet — is popular for its sweet, mild flavor and lean, flaky white flesh. It goes well alongside colorful vegetables, crunchy salads, and with carb dishes such as rice, orzo, and couscous. … Read more

The Best Side Dishes to Pair with Mahi-Mahi

What are the best side dishes to serve with mahi-mahi? The mild flavor and flaky texture make mahi-mahi an excellent accompaniment to colorful side dishes with vegetables, fruit, or rice. They include honey glazed carrots, roasted vegetables, cilantro lime rice, coconut rice, mango salsa, watermelon feta salad, quinoa salad and coleslaw. Let’s look at a … Read more

The 10 Best Goulash Sides

What to serve with Goulash? The ideal side dishes for a hearty, meaty, and delicious goulash include something starchy such as polenta muffins, Hungarian pinched noodles, potato rosti, and sweet potato fries. Lighter options include balsamic roasted vegetables, and cranberry salad. These side dishes enhance the flavor and texture of goulash without overpowering it. With its … Read more

The 9 Best Mushroom Risotto Sides

What are the best side dishes with Mushroom Risotto? This versatile dish can be served many ways. It can be used as a main dish with various side dish options from chicken with lemon, fish, scallops or shrimp, various vegetables and fresh salads.  You will want to decide whether your meal is to be light … Read more

The Best Substitutes for Agave Syrup

What can I use instead of agave syrup? Agave syrup alternatives include: Coconut nectar syrup, apple syrup, pear syrup, honey, rice syrup, beet sugar syrup, maple syrup and corn syrup.  Agave syrup is typically used to sweeten a variety of dishes and there are a few alternatives. We have taken it upon ourselves to summarize below … Read more

The 8 Best Gnocchi Side Dishes

What Sides Pair Best With Gnocchi? We like to serve a side dish that will add to the texture and colors on the plate without detracting from the main attraction. Cold salads like tangy cucumber, broccoli pea salad, three bean, or colorful Caprese. Or hot dishes like steamed broccoli, garlic Parmesan green beans, sauteed brussels sprouts … Read more

The Best Raclette Side Dishes

What are the best side sides for Raclette? Raclette, based on the French word ‘racler’, meaning ‘to scrape’, is a salty, slightly sweet and nutty cheese that you melt and scrape over food. For a good contrast flavor, the most fitting sides are ones with acidic tones like pickled cucumber, pickled onions, certain fruits like pineapple, … Read more

The 10 Best French Onion Soup Sides

What are the best side dishes with French onion soup? Some of the best sides have a crunch or starch factor like French dip sandwiches, paninis, crackers and cheese, baked potatoes, and buttered noodles. Other great sides range between bitter-tasting foods such as green salad, roasted brussels sprouts, stuffed mushrooms, and sweet like fruit salad … Read more

The 10 Best Lobster Side Dishes

What are the best side dishes for lobster? The rich deliciousness of lobster is complemented by fresh, light vegetable dishes such as broccoli, spinach, and sweetcorn or a green salad. Traditional sides like coleslaw, pasta, and potato salad are best served with a tangy vinaigrette dressing, while cheesy biscuits and baked butternut are hearty alternatives. Lobster … Read more

The Best Sides for Wagyu Beef (What to Serve With Wagyu)

What are the best side dishes for Wagyu beef? The perfect sides are comprised of vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, spinach, asparagus, salad and brussels sprouts, as well starches including baked or mashed potatoes and rice pilaf. The goal when choosing side for this delicacy should be to let the rich and fatty cut of … Read more