The 7 Best Substitutes For Brioche Bread

What can I use instead of brioche bread? The best brioche bread substitute is a fresh, homemade brioche loaf. However, if baking isn’t for you, Hawaiian bread and challah are your best bet. Then, croissants are the best egg-free replacement. Despite their slight differences, you can also use Shokupan, Pullman loaf, and panettone. 

Brioche is a rich, buttery, and lightly sweetened golden loaf of bread with a soft, fluffy texture. Brioche is delicious when eaten with a knob of butter; however, it’s used in many sweet or savory dishes like French toast, burgers, sandwiches, custards, and puddings. Here are the closest alternatives if you weren’t in time to snag the last fresh brioche loaf at the store.

The Best Brioche Bread Substitutes

Homemade Brioche Bread

The best way to replicate the authentic flavors of brioche bread is to whip out the mixing bowl and make brioche at home.

You’ll need white flour, salt, sugar, yeast, whole milk, eggs, and salted butter. Place the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Gradually add the warm milk, eggs, and softened butter into the mixture while mixing.

Scrape the dough into a large bowl and leave for two hours until well-risen.

Then, place the risen dough in the fridge for an hour. Next, roll the dough into balls and put four on one side of the tin and three on the other.

Now, allow it to prove for 30 to 35 mins and bake for 35 minutes at 350⁰F until golden and risen.

Hawaiian Bread

Hawaiian bread is definitely the second-best alternative for brioche if you aren’t one for homemade goods.

Hawaiian bread is soft, fluffy, and deliciously sweet, providing a sweeter but similar taste to brioche. Both bread varieties are made using eggs and butter.

Replace brioche bread with Hawaiian bread for sliders, French toast, sweet bread pudding, monkey bread, and ice cream sandwiches.

Hawaiian and brioche bread are perfect for any and every gathering. You can use the two types of bread interchangeably.


Challah is a Jewish plaited bread eaten on ceremonial occasions and Jewish holidays. Both challah and brioche are rich, eggy loaves of bread.

However, brioche is richer and contains butter, whereas challah is made with oil. Challah is the perfect replacement for brioche if you are lactose intolerant or have religious beliefs that don’t allow it.

Challah bread is a delicious brioche substitute for eating on its own. However, challah is ideal for French toast, bread pudding, sandwiches, and bready casseroles.

Use equal amounts of challah when replacing brioche bread in recipes.


Shokupan is a soft, fluffy Japanese milk bread with a subtly sweet flavor. Shokupan and brioche have a comparable sweet flavor and bouncy texture.

However, brioche is richer from the extra eggs and copious amounts of butter.

Japanese milk bread is a breakfast staple in Japan, typically eaten as thick slices of toast with butter and jam. You can also use it to make sandwiches and sweet or savory dishes.

Shokupan is an ideal alternative for someone looking for bread that lasts longer without all the preservatives. You can substitute brioche with Shokupan in equal amounts.


Croissants are the perfect egg-free alternative to brioche. They are classified as both bread and pastry, providing a rich, buttery texture that’s hard to beat. However, croissants are airier than brioche.

You can enjoy a croissant as is or fill it with your favorite toppings. Alternatively, use croissants to make French toast, croutons, casseroles, eclairs, or other sweet or savory puddings.

Substitute brioche bread with croissants for an egg-free alternative. Otherwise, use the two types of bread interchangeably.

Pullman Loaf

Pullman loaf, also called sandwich loaf, is a fine-crumb, rectangular-shaped bread with a mildly sweet flavor. Its light texture and sweet flavor make it a handy substitute.

However, Pullman loaf lacks the rich, buttery goodness of brioche.

Pullman loaf is ideal for French toast and Croque Monsieur. You can also make yummy sandwiches, croutons, and canapes.

You can use Pullman loaf and brioche interchangeably in recipes. However, note that Pullman loaf won’t hold up as well as brioche due to its thin slices.


Panettone is an Italian yeast-leavened Christmas bread baked in a tall, cylindrical pan with a sweet, cakey flavor. Its soft, spongy texture makes it an ideal alternative to replace brioche bread in sweeter recipes.

Panettone works well in sweeter dishes like French toast, trifle, and other puddings despite its more assertive taste. You can also enjoy eggy panettone with crispy bacon strips as a delicious alternative.

Aim to purchase a simplistic panettone without sweet fillings like candied oranges and raisins.