The 6 Best Substitutes For Burrata Cheese

What can I use instead of Burrata Cheese? The best substitute for Burrata cheese is fresh whole-milk mozzarella cheese. You can also use cream cheese, cashew cheese, or ricotta. Queso fresco and feta are white cheeses you can use as taste substitutes, but they lack the required distinctive creaminess and texture.

Burrata cheese is unique because it is essentially two types of cheese that have been cleverly married to create a decadent visual and taste experience. Burrata is Italian dumpling-shaped cheese made from cow’s milk.

An outer shell of mozzarella holds a filling of creamy, buttery, slightly sweet cheese. It has a shelf life of fewer than five days and should be consumed as soon as possible after it is made.  

The Best Burrata Cheese Substitutes


Since the outer casing of burrata is made from mozzarella, that is the best option to use if you need a similar substitute for burrata.

Although the taste will be identical to one component of the original you need, the texture won’t be the same.

The best way to use mozzarella as a replacement for burrata cheese is in a melted form, like over a pizza or as an ingredient in a dish.

To get the effect of a stringy and creamy cheese together like Burrata, you could use mozzarella along with a dab of cream cheese.

For a closer match, choose fresh whole-milk mozzarella. The richer the milk the mozzarella is made from, the better since you need a creamy texture to mimic burrata cheese. Buffalo mozzarella would be even better.

Mozzarella can be substituted in equal amounts to burrata in your recipe.

Cream Cheese

You may be able to simulate burrata’s rich, creamy taste and texture with good-quality cream cheese.

While you may miss the firmer texture of the outer coat of burrata, cream cheese will provide a similar decadent milky, creamy experience.

Cream cheese is the best option when used as a substitute for burrata in dips or as a spread. Use it at room temperature to ensure it is soft and easy to scoop up in delicious servings.

To make your cream cheese-burrata switch extra authentic, team it up with some shavings of mozzarella.

The mozzarella will add a firmer texture that mimics the outer casing, while the cream cheese provides the delicious creaminess.

Use cream cheese as a substitute for burrata in equal amounts in recipes that require soft, creamy cheese.

Cashew Cheese

Cashew cheese is a somewhat surprising substitute for burrata cheese that can work well.

While it isn’t actual cheese in the traditional sense made from milk, this vegan alternative is delicious and has a surprisingly creamy taste.

You may struggle to find cashew cheese in most stores, but making your own from scratch is quite simple. All you need is a cup of raw cashews and a few other simple ingredients you may already have.

Cashew cheese will deliver a lush, creamy texture similar to burrata, especially if you need to use it in spreadable form.

It will lack the two-cheese effect of burrata cheese, but it is still well worth using as it develops a tangier taste as it matures that can complement what you are serving.

Take note that once you have made cashew cheese, like burrata, it has a limited fridge life – not that there is likely to be much left since it is so delicious!

Cashew cheese can be enjoyed with a neutral taste to enjoy the natural creaminess, or various herbs can be infused into the mixture if you require a particular flavor.  


Ricotta cheese is made from the whey left behind during the cheesemaking process.

The liquid forms the base, and when other ingredients like milk and an acidic agent are added, the resulting product is a fluffy white mass of ricotta cheese.

Ricotta is not as creamy compared to burrata, but it still has a fluffy, light texture. It may also appear slightly bumpy, whereas burrata cheese is smooth, buttery, and quite a lot sweeter.

However, ricotta can be a good substitute for burrata in savory dishes like lasagna, stuffed meats, or sauces, as it will provide the soft cheesy texture required.

Ricotta can be substituted in equal amounts to burrata in savory dishes where you need to add creaminess.

It is not recommended for recipes where you must recreate burrata cheese’s firm-buttery effect.

Queso Fresco

This Mexican cow’s milk cheese with an interesting name can be used as a substitute for burrata.

Although it has a tangy taste and is firmer than burrata, it can provide the rich, creamy cheese effect that you may need in your dish.

Queso fresco is a mild white cheese usually made from cows’ milk, although it may also be blended with goats’ milk.

It can work as a substitute for burrata because of the distinctive softness of the cheese.

However, like feta, it doesn’t melt well and is more of a crumbly option than the silky, creamy texture you may need.

Feta Cheese

Unlike burrata cheese, feta is made from goat or sheep milk.

While it will not provide any of the burrata’s stretchy, creamy texture, you can try feta if you need a cheese substitute with a tangy taste. Feta cheese is also a similar rich white color to burrata.

Feta is not an excellent substitute for burrata and should only be used if you need a rich cheese taste profile.

Mozzarella or cream cheese should be your first choice when you need burrata cheese substitutes.