The 7 Best Potato Soup Sides

What to serve with potato soup? Potato soup pairs well with bread, cheese and bacon, so sides like herb and cheese bread and bacon muffins are perfect.  Or pair the rich, creamy soup with fresh and light veg, like an apple slaw or tomato gratin, for a crunchy, colorful contrast. The smooth richness of potato … Read more

The Best Salmon Wellington Side Dishes 

What to serve with Salmon Wellington? Consider the uniquely sweet umami taste of salmon with spinach and Parmesan cheese all baked in a thick, buttery, flaky crust. Some of the best side dishes include roasted or sautéed vegetables, lemon garlic broccoli, chick pea tabbouleh, smashed or scalloped potatoes and different salads. Also called by its … Read more is now

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The 7 Best Italian Beef Sandwiches Sides

What sides pair best with Italian beef sandwiches? Pair Italian beef sandwiches with potatoes dishes, either fried, baked, or a cold Italian potato salad. Alternatively, opt for a healthy portion of veggies, like roasted root veggies, zucchini, or green beans. Lastly, a fresh salad, polenta, or parmesan knots make an excellent side for these sandwiches. … Read more

The Best Lettuce Wrap Side Dishes

What sides pair best with lettuce wraps? The best sides for lettuce wraps include shrimp stuffed avocado, spicy radish salad, rice noodle salad, pickled cucumber salad, and roasted broccoli salad. Then, roasted garlic basil pesto potatoes, deviled eggs, and baked French fries flavored with garlic, parmesan, and truffle oil. Lettuce wraps are bursting with flavor … Read more

The Best Mussels Side Dishes

What sides pair best with mussels? The best sides for mussels are carb-filled dishes like garlic bread, tomato basil bruschetta bites, French fries, sweet potato fries, potato leek soup, creamy linguine, risotto, and squid ink pasta. Then, try shrimp and tomatoes, asparagus, and fennel salad for lighter, carb-conscious alternatives. Mussels shine best when paired with … Read more

The Best Poori Side Dishes

What sides pair best with poori? Potato masala is a classic dish to serve with poori. However, meatier options include butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, and rogan josh lamb curry. Try roasted cauliflower tikka masala, veg kurma, chickpea curry, and masala dal if you prefer vegetarian options. Poori is a deep-fried Indian bread that looks like … Read more

The Best Surf And Turf Side Dishes

What are the best sides for surf and turf? Surf and turf is a rich, luxurious main, so the best sides are plain starches, like roast potatoes, mac and cheese and colcannon. Contrast the decadent entrée with fresh, vibrant vegetables like braised peas and green ratatouille. Or add crunch, texture, and color with fruity, leafy … Read more

The Best Taco Soup Side Dishes

What are the best sides for taco soup? Taco soup needs hearty, starchy sides for dunking. Try Tex-Mex corn pudding, cornmeal pancakes, or black beans with rice. Add a quick veggie-packed frittata, corn chips with a bean dip, or a fresh, bright salad, like zesty macaroni, citrus and jicama, or simple avocado salad for a … Read more

The Best Clam Chowder Side Dishes

Which side dishes work best with clam chowder? A hearty, thick chowder calls for bread to dip, so a quick cheese bread, drop biscuits, or corn fritters are ideal. Serve an eggy salmon on rye to echo the seafood theme. Fresh vegetables add texture and color: enjoy sautéed fennel and tomato, or crispy arugula and … Read more

The 8 Best Fondue Side Dishes

Which side dishes work best with fondue? Cheese fondue is delicious and indulgent, so side dishes must be light, cutting through the richness: grilled asparagus or sautéed kale. Refreshing salads are spinach and apple, cucumber slaw, roasted broccoli, and radish, or a fruit platter. For a 70s vibe, serve cheese straws and devilled eggs. Because … Read more

The Best Side Dishes To Pair With Gyros

What sides to pair with gyros? Consider serving Gyros with light and fresh sides like Greek salad, Tabouli salad, Mediterranean bean salad, Gigantes, or briam. You can also try a tasty side of Greek fries, fried feta, or Greek fried zucchini chips. Lastly, pair gyros with a hearty chicken orzo soup or Greek okra stew. … Read more

The Best Side Dishes For Tuna Casserole

What sides pair best with tuna casserole? Serve tuna casserole with filling, carb-dense sides like garlic bread, Italian-style breadsticks, and garlic butter rice. Alternatively, opt for a healthier option like braised leeks, garden salad, pickled beets, corn, or green beans. Lastly, bake an apple crumble to satisfy a sweet tooth. Tuna casserole is a dish … Read more

The Best Side Dishes for Halibut

What are the best side dishes with halibut? This big fish — the largest flatfish in the ocean, growing as long as nine feet — is popular for its sweet, mild flavor and lean, flaky white flesh. It goes well alongside colorful vegetables, crunchy salads, and with carb dishes such as rice, orzo, and couscous. … Read more

The Best Shepherd’s Pie Side Dishes

What are the best side dishes for shepherd’s pie? The hearty meatiness and creamy potato of shepherd’s pie are complemented by crisp, colorful vegetable dishes like buttered zucchini, glazed carrots, minted peas, and garlicky chard. For pure comfort food, serve swede casserole or creamy baked onions. In contrast, serve bright, zesty salads, like coleslaw and … Read more

The Best Honey-Baked Ham Side Dishes

What are the best sides for honey-baked ham? A sweet baked ham needs a hearty starch like smashed potatoes or spoonbread on the side. Comforting cooked veg is also delicious, such as bean puree or zucchini boats. Add zest to the ham with spicy apricots, or serve fresh spring salads, like barley and asparagus, bean … Read more

The Best King Crab Legs Side Dishes

What are the best king crab side dishes? Pair king crab legs with classic corn on the cob or Southern skillet cornbread. Various potato styles, including roasted, boiled, and mashed, also work wonders. Otherwise, opt for a healthy side like coleslaw, artichoke hearts, peach and blue cheese salad, and steak strips with avocado and field … Read more

The Best Khichdi Side Dishes

What are the best side dishes for khichdi? Pair khichdi with light and equally wholesome salad like kachumber or carrot, cashew, and raisin medley. Aromatic vegetables with bold spices pair seamlessly. This includes corn pakora, Bombay potatoes, and grilled paneer vegetable kebabs. Envelop your khichdi in a warm roti or crispy papadum, or serve coconut … Read more

The Best Tomato Rice Side Dishes

What sides pair best with tomato rice? Pair tomato rice with crispy poppadom, spicy potatoes, and pakora. Alternatively, incorporate vegetable dishes like roasted mushrooms, bell pepper medley, or spicy coconut green beans. Lastly, try light, refreshing sides like basil pesto shrimp, papri chat, and kachumber are equally delicious. Tomato rice has a universal appeal and … Read more

The Best Osso Bucco Side Dishes

What are the best side dishes for Osso Bucco? Vibrant and refreshing vegetable Crudo or Mediterranean mango salad will brighten up the meal. Add texture and crunch with smashed potatoes, ciabatta bread, and crispy polenta chips. Catch all the delicious gravy with a simple mushroom pasta or pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter. Keep it traditional … Read more