The 8 Best Substitutes For Cherry Heering

What can I use instead of Cherry Heeringo? We found the best substitutes for Cherry Heering are Luxardo Sangue Morlacco, De Kuyper Cherry Brandy, Lazzaroni Maraschino Liqueur, Absolute Cherry’s Vodka, Chateau Grand Traverse, Marie Brizard Jolie Cherry, Kirschwasser, Cherry Marnier Liqueur, and Monin Cherry Syrup.

Cherry Heering is a Danish-made liqueur, naturally flavored, lacking the medicinal cough syrup flavor from distilled spirit. Instead, it’s a sweet, cherry jam flavor with plenty of fruity tartness with echoes of wood and almond. Often found as the base of a fruity cocktail in many baking recipes.

The Best Cherry Heering Substitutes

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco is an intense substitute for when you can’t find Cherry Heering.

Luxardo is one of the oldest European distilleries producing liqueurs and spirits, combining century-old traditions with cutting-edge production in Italy, which is still controlled entirely by seven generations of founding family members.

Sangue Morlacco, meaning Morlacco blood, is the second specialty liqueur created in honor of Dalmatia’s fierce Morlacco warriors defending Venice against the Turks.

It is made from all-natural ingredients. While this burgundy red liqueur has an ABV of 30% (60° proof), it opens with an intensely thick and syrupy sweetness offset by some of the fruit’s tartness.

Flavors of concentrated cherry juice and cherry jam are gently spiced with a hint of black pepper spice.

Luxardo Sangue Morlacco pairs well with dark, decadent chocolates or rich, creamy cheese. It’s also delicious over mixed berries and ice cream.

De Kuyper Cherry Brandy

De Kuyper is a classy and comforting substitute for Cherry Heering.

The family-owned distillery, founded in 1695 in Schiedam, Holland, produces a classic cherry brandy that is all-natural using dark red marasca cherry extracts from crushed cherry kernels and exotic spices blended with premium cognac.

It’s a mild liqueur at 24%ABV (48° proof) and easy to enjoy.

The taste is an upfront red cherry flavor with alluring notes of cinnamon with reflective savors of almonds. Sweet cherry marzipan lingers with waves of fruit tartness.

It makes a classic Singapore sling, chilled on ice, mixed with soda water, and an added dash of lime juice for a refreshing cocktail to transport you to the tropics.

Lazzaroni Maraschino Liqueur

An oldy but goody Lazzaroni Maraschino makes and a great substitute for Cherry Heering.

The recipe dates back to 1860, and Lazzaroni Maraschino is one of the company’s oldest liqueurs produced in Italy at 24% ABV (48° proof).

Made from infusing Marasca cherries and crushed pits, it adds a note of bitter almond to the profile.

A medium to full body liqueur distilled from molasses to produce dryish alcohol; however, the addition of sugar beets lends a sweetness to the cherry elixir.

The flavors are rich, tart berry notes with hints of nutty almond bitterness.

Lazzaroni Maraschino is another bottle for the cocktail shelf but is also vastly used in pastry. Thanks to its clear color, it is ideal as an alcoholic syrup for sponge cakes and fruit salads.

Absolut Cherrys Cherry Flavored Vodka

A cherry-flavored vodka from Absolut makes a tasty substitute for Cherry Heering.

Distilled in Ahus, Sweden, Absolut is a single-source vodka made in the Destilleriet Nöbbelöv. The base spirit of vodka is made with winter wheat infused with pure natural cherry flavor from sun-ripened cherries.

Absolut Cherrys cherry flavored vodka was launched in the United Kingdom in 2014 with a 40% ABV (80° proof) crystal clear, natural vodka that contains no added sugars.

The flavors of sun-ripened cherries offer a note of candied cherries with a hint of cracked black pepper spice. Notes of fresh white cranberries flutter in the palate with and long fruity, and berry finish.

It makes a delightful bittersweet Midsummer Breeze cocktail mixed with cranberry and pink grapefruit juices to offer refreshing bittersweet flavors.

Chateau Grand Traverse Cherry Preserve

This dessert wine from the Wolverine State is a delicious substitute for Cherry Heering.

A port-style dessert wine produced by a young winery in Michigan, USA, founded in 1974, creates a complex, all-natural, and hand-crafted cherry preserve from 100% Northern Michigan cherries.

Chateau Grand Traverse is fortified with cherry brandy, distilled to a mellow 18.5% ABV (37° proof) port wine is created in small batches and aged for a minimum period of four years in small oak barrels.

Its flirtatious display of cherry pie characteristics provides a rich and robust flavor with fruity notes that end in a delightfully sweet finish.

Its true match is pairing Grand Traverse cherry preserve with dark chocolate, so it’s no surprise that it makes a pleasant addition to the cherry filling of Black Forest cake.

Marie Brizard Jolie Cherry

Marie Brizard’s little French number is perfect as a substitute for Cherry Heering.

A long history started with the founding company of Maison Marie Brizard & Roger in 1755. Marie was the first woman Master Liquorist to make exceptional infused liqueurs.

Jolie Cherry is an infusion of playful cherry juices from cherries picked in Burgundy mixed with plump red fruits, alcohol, and cognac Gautier finished off with Marie Brizard’s unique spice ingredients.

At a 24% ABV (48°proof), Jolie Cherry is aromatically intense with natural flavors containing no preservatives.

A natural, sweet-tasting cherry liqueur with kernelly notes and characteristics of cherry flesh. There is a harmonious balance between cherries and the alcoholic glow of cognac with a blend of secret spices.

Used in cocktails and baking, it makes an exceptional liquid chocolate mousse in the Treviso cocktail, topped with a swirl of fresh cream.


Kirschwasser makes a more traditional substitute for Cherry Herring.

Kirschwasser is the German word for cherry water. Made from Morello cherries from the Black Forest in Germany, it’s said to have originated in Germany, with different distilleries making their version of Kirsch.

Kirsch is a double-distilled clear cherry-flavored liqueur blended with clear fruit brandies known as Eaux-de-vie. The difference with other cherry liqueurs is that this 43% ABV (86° proof) cherry water is not sweet at all.

Two of the best producers for Kirschwasser is made by Miclo in Alsace, France, and Fassbind in Switzerland.

It is sipped cold and neat in a small glass as an aperitif or digestive. It’s also an essential ingredient in a Swiss cheese fondue or used to flambee cherries for an indulgent Cherries Jubilee.

Cherry Marnier Liqueur

A Sophisticated Substitute from Grand Marnier to replace Cherry Heering.

Cherry Marnier is made from an original recipe from 1827 created by founder Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle in France.

A maceration of Morello cherries macerated in neutral alcohol, the aromatic marc of juices, pulp, and pits are mixed and blended with sugar syrup before being aged in vats for several months, after which they are filtered and bottled at 24% ABV (48° proof).

It’s a velvety mouthfeel with characteristic rich flavors of Morello cherries mixed with black currents and raspberry and deliciously balanced by the notes of bitter almond, with a pronounced marzipan flavor, while subtle notes of vanilla and chocolate extend the palate.

A very versatile liqueur that is enjoyed chilled and served neat as a digestive or used in fruity desserts or paired with debauched soft creamy cheeses.