The 8 Best Substitutes For Cocchi Americano

What can I use instead of Cocchi Americano? The best substitute for Cocchi Americano is Kina L’Avion d’Or. Other alternatives include Cap Corse Mattei Blanc Quinquina Aperitif, White Vermouth, Lillet Blanc mixed with Angostura Bitters, Salers Aperitif, Amaro Angeleno, Reserve Jean De Lillet Aperitif and Cocchi Americano Rosa. Kina Lillet was previously the closest substitute for Cocchi Americano, but it is no longer in production.

Cocchi Americano is an aperitif wine with a distinctively bitter taste. The beverage is made with cinchona bark which contains quinine. Along with the unmistakable bitter edge, the crisp, complex flavor includes gentian and hints of citrus peel.

Cocchi Americano was created in Italy in 1891 and was inspired by herbal-based drinks used to combat malaria.

The Best Cocchi Americano Substitutes

Kina L’Avion d’Or

Kina L’Avion d’Or translates as The Golden Aeroplane. This French aperitif with the tricky name is similar to the discontinued Kina Lillet. That was, in turn, the closest substitute to Cocchi Americano.

The taste of Kina L’Avoin d’Or can be described as a combination of bitter and sweet. The sweetness is more complex than some other options. The fruitiness in Kina L’Avion d’Or is said to carry hints of fine jam and quince.

Use Kina L’Avoin as a 1-for-1 substitute in any drinks that you would use Cocchi Americano.

Cap Corse Mattei Blanc Quinquina Aperitif

Cap Corse is a French quinquina that has been around since 1872. It is available in blanc and rouge versions. The blanc version provides a better color match when substituting it for Cocchi Americano.

The unmistakable bitterness of Cap Corse is very similar to Cocchi Americano. In addition to the expected edgy quinine taste, it adds plenty of light floral tones.

Caps Corse can be used in precisely the same way as Cocchi Americano in cocktails, and it has a very similar profile.

It can be used as an exact substitute when mixing cocktails, such as the famous 007 Vesper or Corpse Reviver #2.

White Vermouth

White Vermouth is also called French or Dry, Vermouth. It is a pale fortified wine that includes the bittersweet element you may need if you are substituting it for Cocchi Americano.

One of the main differences between Cocchi Americano and white Vermouth is the origin of the distinctive bitter edge.

Instead of quinine, Vermouth gets it from wormwood. However, the taste is not quite as bracing as Cocchi Americano, and it is slightly sweeter.

White Vermouth can be successfully substituted for Cocchi Americano in martinis.

It may be a good option for anyone new to quinquina cocktails and not ready to take on the full bitterness of Cocchi Americano right away.

Lillet Blanc And Angostura Bitters

The famous Vesper cocktail enjoyed by the original 007 was a blend of vodka, gin, and Kina Lillet.   

Unfortunately, the original Kina Lillet with the distinctive quinine taste similar to Cocchi Americano is no longer available.

To remedy the sweetness of modern Lillet Blanc and give it the dry herbal taste once associated with the brand, add a few dashes of Angostura Bitters.

It will remove all the sharp syrupy edges, and you can adjust the bitterness according to taste.

Salers Aperitif

Salers aperitif is a classic French beverage that originated in 1885. It is a light color earthy-tasting spirit that can be used in some applications as a substitute for Cocchi Americano.

The bitter element in Salers aperitif is the result of gentian. Like Cocchi Americano, it also contains some citrusy notes, but the overall effect is refreshing, and it is a zesty beverage that works well in a variety of cocktails.

Salers aperitif can be substituted at a 1-to-1 ratio for Cocchi Americano in Vesper cocktails.

Amaro Angeleno

Amaro Angeleno is a Californian bitter liqueur. It is a dark straw color beverage that includes zesty citrus notes that are counterbalanced with the gentian element reminiscent of Cocchi Americano.

It is slightly darker than Cocchi Americano, but other than that, it works well as a replacement or alternative. It can be used in an equal ratio as Cocchi Americano in martinis or White Negronis.   

Reserve Jean De Lillet Aperitif

Reserve Jean Lillet is a vintage aperitif that carries the same bitter herbal blend reminiscent of the original Lillet blend.

The bitter accent of quinine is present, but it is delightfully mingled with lighter tones of apricot and grapefruit.

While Reserve Jean Lillet is an excellent substitute for Cocchi Americano, it is only available in limited quantities. It may be more expensive than some other substitutes.

Cocchi Americano Rosa

Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous rose color of Cocchi Americano Rosa. It has all the taste of its lighter color cousin, but it has a bracingly bitter flavor that is notably stronger than the original.

The overall effect is similar to Cocchi Americano, but it is only recommended for drinkers who crave the unmistakable bitterness.

When substituting it for Cocchi Americano, use less than called for unless you prefer the more robust taste.