The 5 Best Substitutes For Creamed Corn

What can I use instead of creamed corn? We found the best replacements for creamed corn to be fresh homemade creamed corn, polenta, canned or frozen sweet corn, bechamel sauce, and creamed soups.

Creamed corn is a delicious side dish many people in the United States enjoy. But did you know that canned creamed corn does not usually include cream? Also known as creamed-style sweet corn, it’s made from sweetcorn, and milky residue from pulp kernels scraped off the cob. So if you need a fix for creamed corn, we have a few substitutes that will hit the spot.

The Best Creamed Corn Substitutes

Fresh Homemade Creamed Corn

The best and closest substitute is homemade cream corn made from fresh cobs.

Homemade creamed corn is made from fresh corn straight from the cob. The creaminess comes from the milky liquid of the corn kernel pulp. The addition of butter keeps this side dish moist and adds that extra buttery creaminess to it.

The taste is sweet and creamy when made using freshly picked corn without adding fresh cream.

As a side dish, homemade cream corn is a winner with barbeques and as a side for a traditional thanksgiving turkey.

Substitute the same quantity of fresh homemade creamed corn as you would when using canned creamed corn.


Polenta can be used as a substitute in a pinch when looking for a cream corn substitute.

Polenta is made from boiled cornmeal derived from yellow corn, buckwheat, or white maize and can be a combination of all three. Typically eaten in Italy as a porridge.

Since it’s made from corn, it’s creamy and has a mild corn taste that can be uplifted with added corn kernels. It’s sweet with a buttery mouthfeel and easily takes on the flavors of the spices or added ingredients when cooking.

You can make a mash of polenta by mixing it with water and adding a cup of frozen or canned sweet corn kernels to add chunkiness. Enjoy it as a side dish with grilled brisket or braised short ribs.

Use the same quantity of polenta as the recipe calls for when using creamed corn, and add a cup of sweet corn kernels.

Canned Or Frozen Sweet Corn

You can use canned or frozen sweet corn to create a creamy substitute for creamed corn.

Sweet corn kernels are harvested from the immature corn cobs before they enter the dent stage and should be eaten fresh, canned, or frozen.

Because it is still immature, the kernels are sweet as the sugar has not yet had a chance to convert into starch.

Take half the kernels and puree them in a food processor to get a fine milky paste, and use the other half whole to give it the chunkiness. Next, cook it in milk or cream to create a creamy consistency, and season it with your preferred spices and herbs.

Use the same amount as you would when using creamed corn, using half to puree into a smooth paste, and the other half is left whole.

Bechamel Sauce

Use bechamel sauce as a creamy base as a substitute for creamed corn.

Bechamel sauce is typically a white sauce and forms the foundation of most French cuisine sauces. When made from scratch, equal amounts of butter and flour are mixed, making a roux and cooked together, adding milk and mixing until the sauce thickens. Traditionally spiced with salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

It’s a mild creamy flavor that takes on added ingredients flavors, making this a very versatile sauce.

Add fresh kernels cut off from the cob and add to the bechamel sauce for an easy and quick creamy sweet corn side that can be added to pasta or accompany a slow-cooked leg of lamb.

Equal amounts of flour and butter are mixed using more or less milk, depending on how thick you want your sauce. Then, add the desired quantity of kernels and enjoy.

Creamed Soups

Using creamed soups can be another substitute for creamed corn.

Creamed soups can be found in canned form and come in different flavors. They are made from cream, light cream, or milk as the main ingredient.

Creamed soups are rich and creamy with added flavorings depending on your choices, such as cream of chicken or mushroom.

You can add any flavored cream soup to a dish as a substitute, depending on how well it complements the flavors, and add fresh corn kernels cut off the cob. It is excellent to add to dishes such as shepherd’s pies or thick chicken chowders.

Replace creamed corn with half a can of creamed soup, as the consistency of the creamed soup becomes more liquid once heated up.