The 5 Best Substitutes for Crème De Mure

What can I use instead of Crème de Mure? Crème de Cassis, Chambord, and Crème de Framboise are the best substitutes for Crème de Mure, offering sweet berry flavors and tartness. Blackberry syrup is a perfect non-alcoholic option. You can also make a homemade Crème de Cassis by macerating blackberries, red wine, sugar, and vodka.

Crème de Mure is a luxurious French blackberry liqueur. It boasts a sweet, fruity flavor with subtle tart notes. Its bold flavors and velvet, jam-like consistency is perfect for sipping as a digestif, adding to cocktails like the Bramble, or drizzling over deserts. Here are the 5 best substitutes for Crème de Mure when in a pinch.

The Best Crème De Mure Substitutes

Crème de Cassis

A bottle of Crème de Cassis is the best substitute for Crème de Mure. It will add similar fruity flavors to cocktails.

Crème de Cassis is made from macerated black currants and boasts a rich, multi-layer dark-berry mouthfeel balanced with a slight tartness.

You can enjoy Crème de Cassis straight or over ice as an after-dinner digestif. However, we like to dress it up with sparkling wine, soda water, or lemonade.

Crème de Cassis adds a fruity depth of flavor to cocktails like the classic Kir, Kir Royale, and El Diablo. You can even drizzle a little over whipped cream or a bowl of ice cream.

Crème de Mure and Crème de Cassis both have a relatively low alcohol percentage (between 15 and 20%). So, you can substitute Crème de Mure with equal amounts of Crème de Cassis.


Chambord is a premium French raspberry liqueur made with a double infusion of whole berries, a cognac base, and other seasonings.

It has a rich, purple tone and a semi-sweet, intense berry flavor. The spirit and well-respected and enjoyed globally amongst bartenders as a staple fruity liqueur.

You can drink Chambord straight, chilled on the rocks, or topped with club soda. Chambord’s berry flavor and deep purple color make it a fantastic component to cocktails like the French Martini, Bramble, Berry Flip, Zipper cocktail, or Apple and Blackberry Spritz.

Crème de Mure and Chambord both have a relatively low alcohol percentage (between 16 and 20%). So, you can substitute Crème de Mure with equal amounts of Chambord.

Crème de Framboise

Crème de Framboise is another classic French delicacy. The deep red liqueur is made from a raspberry and French spirit infusion, boasting a bright, tangy flavor.

Crème de Framboise makes an excellent replacement for Crème de Mure if you don’t mind slighter tangier, and raspberry-forward notes.

Crème de Framboise is famously sipped as a dessert cordial or to add a juicy, raspberry kick to cocktails and other beverages.

Use the liqueur in all cocktails that call for Crème de Mure, including a Bramble, Godfrey, or Martini. Crème de Framboise also adds a yummy boost of berry flavor to sweet recipes.

Crème de Mure and Crème de Framboise both have a relatively low alcohol percentage (between 18 and 20%). So, you can substitute Crème de Mure with equal amounts of Crème de Framboise.

Blackberry Syrup

Blackberry syrup is a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to Crème de Mure.

You can purchase a blackberry cordial or make a simple syrup at home with less than a handful of ingredients: fresh blackberries, sugar, water, and lemon juice. Boil, mash, and strain the mixture; pour it into a glass bottle, and enjoy.

You can add blackberry syrup to club soda or lemonade for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. However, the syrup tastes delicious in whisky mixes, cocktails, and sparkling wine. You can skip straining the blackberry mixture and use the puree for dessert recipes or blended drinks.

Blackberry syrup is exceptionally sweet. So, use only half the amount of cordial when replacing Crème de Mure. However, use equal amounts when using blackberry puree as it is less concentrated.

Homemade Crème de Mure

Homemade Crème de Mure may take several days to prepare. However, it’s the best way to match the authentic flavor of store-bought Crème de Mure.

Add 600g blackberries and a bottle of red wine (750ml) to a large bowl and gently crush the berries with a potato masher. Cover and leave the mixture to macerate for 2 days, mixing it twice a day.

Next, strain the berry wine through a fine sieve, combine it with 500g sugar in a large saucepan, and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Finally, stir in 1 cup vodka and pour it into bottles.

Use equal amounts of Homemade Crème de Mure when substituting store-bought French Crème de Mure. The flavors may differ slightly, but it’ll be pretty damn close.