The 8 Best Substitutes For Peach Schnapps

What can I use instead of peach schnapps? The best alcoholic substitutes for peach schnapps include peach vodka, apricot brandy, and peach extract. Peach syrup, juice, and puree are the best non-alcoholic replacements. You can also try peach soda and peach iced tea.

Peach schnapps is a versatile liqueur with sweet, peachy flavors. It is often enjoyed on the rocks, in cocktails, or added to soda water as a refreshing drink. It is also used in baking. If you’ve run out of your favorite bottle of peach schnapps, consider using one of these delicious alternatives.

The Best Peach Schnapps Substitutes

Peach Vodka

Peach vodka is the best substitute for someone who finds the flavors of peach schnapps too intense.

Peach vodka retains the peachy goodness and alcoholic buzz, but it offers a more subtle flavor to peach schnapps.

Peach vodka is highly versatile and pairs well with many ingredients. We recommend adding peach vodka to your cocktails, enjoying it on the rocks, or mixing it with soda water for a refreshing drink.

Use equal amounts (1:1 ratio) when substituting peach schnapps with peach vodka.

Apricot Brandy

Apricot brandy is another ideal replacement for peach schnapps. This delicious alcoholic beverage consists of brandy infused with apricot juice or extract. It lends a sweet, fruity flavor with a fiery kick.

You can use apricot brandy in mixed drinks, cocktails, on its own, or served over ice. It is also the perfect addition to desserts. We recommend serving apricot brandy chilled due to its sweetness.

You can use equal amounts (1:1 ratio) when substituting peach schnapps with apricot brandy. However, when making cocktails or desserts, remember that apricot brandy has a sweeter taste than peach schnapps.

Peach Extract

Peach extract is a highly concentrated form of peach flavor. It is the perfect peach schnapps substitute for someone looking for a similar flavor without alcohol.

Peach extract is commonly used to peachy flavor to baked goods like cakes and cookies. However, you can use it to make virgin cocktails or peach-flavored beverages.

Consider adding some peach extract to a liqueur like vodka to make homemade peach schnapps.

Peach extract has a more intense flavor than peach schnapps. So, you will need to reduce the quantity slightly.

Start by replacing a shot of peach schnapps with a teaspoon of peach extract and adjust the ratio if necessary.

Peach Syrup

Peach syrup is a quick, easy blend of water, sugar, and cooked ripe peaches. It lends a sweet and intense peachy flavor and is an excellent non-alcoholic alternative to peach schnapps.

You can use peach syrup to make cocktails, mocktails, iced tea, and other fruity drinks. It also adds a delicious peachy flavor to desserts and baked goods.

Start by replacing peach schnapps with an equal amount (1:1 ratio) of peach syrup. Then, adjust the ratio according to your preference.

Peach Juice

Peach juice is a simple substitute for peach schnapps that offers sweet, peachy flavors without the alcohol buzz.

You can enjoy peach juice on its own or add it to cocktails and mocktails. Consider making a blend of peach juice and vodka to mimic peach schnapps. Peach juice is also ideal for sweet and fruity desserts.

Replace peach schnapps with an equal amount (1:1 ratio) of peach juice. Then, adjust the ratio according to your preference.

Peach Puree

Peach puree is thicker and has a peachier taste than peach schnapps. However, you can use it as a substitute when in a pinch.

Add peach puree to cocktails or other beverages to impart a fresh, peachy flavor – the thicker texture is fabulous in cocktails. Peach puree is also perfect for desserts and baked goods.

Replace a shot of peach schnapps with a tablespoon of peach puree. Feel free to add more peach puree to suit your palate.

Peach Soda

Peach soda comprises carbonated water, peach juice (or peach extract), and sugar. Despite its different taste, this sweet, fizzy beverage is a great non-alcoholic replacement for peach schnapps.

Peach soda works well on its own as a refreshing beverage or in mixed drinks. Add a shot of vodka for a similar drink to peach schnapps and soda. Peach soda can also be used in desserts.

Use equal amounts (1:1 ratio) of peach soda when replacing peach schnapps, and adjust accordingly. Peach soda is a lot sweeter than peach schnapps.

Peach Iced Tea

Peach iced tea is one of the most popular iced tea flavors on the market. It is a combination of refreshing iced tea with sweet peach flavors.

This beverage serves as a suitable non-alcoholic substitute for peach schnapps.

You can enjoy peach iced tea on its own or mix it into cocktails and other drinks for a subtle peachy flavor.

Replace peach schnapps with an equal amount (1:1 ratio) of peach iced tea. Then, adjust the ratio according to your preference.