The 4 Best Substitutes For Plymouth Gin

What can I use instead of Plymouth gin? The best substitute for Plymouth gin is London Dry. Although more juniper-forward, London Dry boasts aromatic notes of citrus peels and spicy botanicals. You can also use Old Tom for a sweeter citrus flavor, Genever for a richer style, or New Western Dry if you don’t like a juniper-forward gin.

Plymouth gin is a classy and understated style of gin! The drink is defined by earthy characters, attractive citrus notes, and a spicy botanical finish – the perfect touch to a sophisticated dry martini or a classic G&T. Black Friars is the only distillery that produces Plymouth gin. Try these other gin alternatives if you can’t get hold of a bottle of Plymouth soon enough for your cocktail party.

The Best Plymouth Gin Substitutes

London Dry Gin

London Dry may be the most common style of gin, but this spirit is also a true mark of quality. London Dry’s base spirit is distilled to 96% ABV, and all the flavors are natural botanicals added through the distillation process.

It is a dry, light-bodied, and highly aromatic spirit with pronounced juniper notes and subtle hints of citrus peel, angelica root, and coriander rounding off the final mouthfeel.

London Dry gin is bottled at a high proof, making it a highly versatile spirit for shaken and stirred cocktails. However, our favorite way to use London Dry is to keep it simplistic with a G&T.

The tonic water dilutes and blends well with the London Dry, revealing the pleasant juniper presence and citrus notes.

You can substitute 1 shot of Plymouth gin for 1 shot of London Dry.

Genever Gin

Genever is the Dutch forerunner of modern gin. Dating back to sixteenth-century Holland, Genever is made from a malt and hops spirit instead of a neutral grain spirit.

As a result, the gin boasts a predominant malt flavor with subtle juniper and spicy notes – it’s like a gin and white whiskey hybrid. 

Genever has a rich flavor and full mouthfeel, making it ideal for pairing with richer cocktails. Genever’s palate is excellent for a Gin Old Fashioned or a wet Martini with sweet vermouth.

You can substitute 1 shot of Plymouth with 1 shot of Genever. Avoid using Genever if you’re after the citrus-forward flavors of Plymouth gin. Many distillers do not add any citrus to Genever.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is an older style of gin. Unlike other gin styles, Old Tom has no exact rules. The spirit is predominantly barrel aged and lightly sweetened, boasting a rich, malty mouthfeel and a distinct citrusy sweetness.

Plymouth is more juniper-forward than it is, but the distinct citrus notes make it a suitable substitute.

Old Tom gin tastes delicious and is served on the rocks with an orange twist. However, it also makes a bold statement in citrus-forward cocktails like the Tom Collins, Sour Puss, or a Martinez.

You can substitute 1 shot of Plymouth with 1 shot of Old Tom. 

New Western Dry Gin

New Western Dry gin started circulating in the 2000s, describing a style of craft gin that takes a different route from the juniper-forward traditional gin.

The modern gin has a gentler juniper influence and rather pays attention to highlighting other botanicals. It has an exciting range of fresh, balanced flavors like rose petals, berries, cucumber, and citrus.

New Western Dry gin is a unique and tasty twist to classic cocktails like Negroni, Vermouth Martini, and Campari.

You can substitute 1 shot of Plymouth with 1 shot of New Western Dry. We recommend trying a citrus-based New Western Dry gin like orange, lime, or tangerine for something that mimics Plymouth gin.