In Austria the Tap Water is Safe and Drinkable

Is the tap water in Austria safe to drink? The tap water in Austria is among the best quality tap water in the world and can therefore be drunk without hesitation. It is even recommended to favor the tap water in Austria over the drinking water from the supermarket.

This is because it can have even better quality in comparison to the supermarket bottled water. In addition, Austrian tap water has a medium lime content and a good taste.

Water Quality in Alpine Regions of Austria is Excellent

Tap water can be drunk in every region of Austria, but in the Alpine regions it is of particularly good quality and taste.

This is due to the fact that tap water in the Alpine regions comes from springs, which in turn provide particularly pure water.Thus, it is even difficult to find better quality water worldwide.

Sources of Tap Water in Austria

The tap water in Austria comes 50% from groundwater depots. The other 50% of the tap water in the water networks of Austria, in turn, comes from sources such as mountain springs in the Alpine regions.

Therefore, the origin of tap water differs depending on the region in Austria.

However, there are no major differences in quality, as the tap water in Austria is treated by the local authorities to the highest quality standards.

Tap Water is Drinkable in Hotels and Accommodations

Tap water in Austria can usually be drunk in all hotels and accommodations.

Only in very old hotels and accommodations should it be explicitly asked before consumption.

When the water pipes here are very old, pollutants such as heavy metals in the tap water are more likely to be present, which is harmful to health.

Differences Between Regions: Lime Content

There are generally no major differences in the quality of tap water between the individual regions in Austria. However, the lime content of the tap water can differ depending on the region.

Especially in the mountainous regions of the country the lime content is somewhat higher. However, a high lime content is not harmful.

Bathing Water in Austria is Not Dangerous

The bathing/swimming water in Austria also does not pose any danger and can therefore be swallowed accidentally without having to worry.

Of course, it should be noted that the chlorine content in public bathing places such as outdoor pools is higher and can therefore be harmful to health in large quantities.

Most natural bathing places such as bathing lakes or rivers have excellent quality water.

Ice cubes in Austria Do Not Pose a Risk

If you are served a drink with ice cubes in a restaurant or bar in Austria, you do not have to worry about the quality.

Both commercial ice cubes and ice cubes made from local tap water are of high quality.

Filtering is Not Necessary

Having a clear idea of the tap water in Austria, filtering is generally not necessary. There are still many people in Austria who prefer filtering tap water, which is primarily due to its lime content.

If the lime content is lowered by filtering, this automatically increases the service life of appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers, since less lime gets into them.

Thus, filtering in Austria only makes sense if the tap water is to be decalcified.

Prices of Drinking Water in the Supermarket

The prices of drinking water in Austrian supermarkets are on average higher than in other countries and therefore it is usually not even worth buying drinking water in the supermarket.

Paying about 63 cents for 1.5 liters of drinking water can be expected.